Citroën Maintenance

Expert care for every part of your Citroën ​

To enjoy your Citroën to the full, you need to keep each part of it in tip-top working order. That’s why whatever kind of service or repair you need, we have it covered. Even better you can relax, safe in the knowledge that our technicians at Sportif Citroën are highly trained and only ever use Original and Approved Citroën Parts. No one in Citroën knows your car better.

Citroen Maintenance

Your total maintenance checklist at Sportif Citroën

1. Exhaust System

Make sure you have an Original Citroën exhaust expertly fitted if the old one needs replacing. It will match your Citroën perfectly, offer the very best in quality and with regular maintenance will last longer.

2. Particle Filters

Modern diesel engines are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that’s designed to remove harmful pollutants from exhaust. Our trained technicians are best equipped to test or inspect this important technology in your Citroën if you have any concerns.

3. Tyres - Free Health Check

Ask today about a FREE tyre health check at Sportif Citroën. Should your tyres need replacing, Sportif Citroën can provide the perfect tyres for your Citroën at surprisingly affordable prices; call us today to find out how we compare to other suppliers in Citroën. Our experts can fit them while you wait too.

4. Air Conditioning - Check & Freshen Up Only £29.99

Your air con needs yearly maintenance to keep it fresh and flowing, free from any odour-causing bacteria. You can also get a system gas recharge at the same time.

5. Lights

The headlights, brake lights and indicators, plus any extras such as fog lights on your Citroën are all designed to be bright, safe and stylish. They all need to function perfectly for safety and sailing through your MOT.

6. Oil Change

The secret of a happy, reliable engine is regular oil changes that match your Citroën’s service schedule. Using exactly the right grade of oil is part of the formula too. Who better to keep your Citroën running smoothly than Sportif - Citroën?

7. ADBLUE® - 2 Litre Top Up Only £9.99

Keep your Citroën and its BlueHDi engine in tip-top condition with regular AdBlue® fluid top-ups for only £9.99. Ask us about a top-up as part of your next service at Sportif Citroën. We also offer a full refill of the Adblue with a service for only £29.00 inc.

8. Suspension

A Citroën is engineered to ride and handle beautifully thanks to innovative suspension design. Keep yours running this way by ensuring that shock absorbers and springs are regularly checked and replaced with Original and Approved Citroën Parts available at Sportif Citroën.

9. Brakes*

Your brake pads and discs will wear out over time, so regular maintenance is always a good idea. Did you know it’s also recommended to change your brake fluid every 2 years? Our trained experts at Sportif Citroën are here to help.

10. Cambelt Replacement*

A vital part of your car’s engine, the cambelt or timing belt needs to be changed at the correct intervals to avoid major expense.

11. Battery*

Your battery has a hard working life – especially in the winter when lights, heating, demist and wipers are all doing their job. It pays to check battery health regularly and have a ‘like-for-like’ replacement fitted when necessary.

12. Windscreen & Wipers*

Always drive with crystal clear views whatever the weather. Your Citroën technician at Sportif Citroën will spot any potential windscreen problems or MOT issues and fit the best wiper blades.

13. Clutch*

You need your clutch to keep your Citroën on the move, without it you’re not going anywhere. Regular maintenance is essential due to on-going wear and tear.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised what great value our all-encompassing maintenance can be at Sportif Citroën, with a FREE 22-point health check, FREE technical updates, FREE tyre check, while-you-wait appointments and collection and delivery service.

What’s more, the maintenance items marked with an asterisk(*) are included in our Fixed Price Repairs, including our Price Match Promise. 

Why compromise? Real care and expertise for your Citroën costs less than you think. Whatever you need, simply call 01296 340585, drop in to Sportif Citroën for a chat or click the link below.