Ready To Run Vans

Ready to Run Converted Vehicles

Here at Sportif Citroën we understand that you require a vehicle to meet your specific business needs, that’s why the Ready to Run converted vehicle range has been introduced. Among one of the first LCV manufacturers to offer ready-bodied conversions within this pioneering programme, Citroën has added an array of robust and reliable models to the Ready to Run line-up.

Citroën conversions include Tipper, Dropside and Luton, all available from Sportif Citroën, Aylesbury.

New Citroën Tipper Light Commercial Vehicle tippers like the Citroën Relay Ready to Run Tipper are an essential tool for many in sectors such as light construction and horticulture as they offer a flexible means of carrying a variety of loads and equipment in an open body. As well as unloading manually, a tipper can also discharge a bulk load to the rear by tipping the body – raising it at the front so that the load is discharged at the rear of the vehicle.
New Citroën Dropside If transporting a variety of bulk and solid loads is what you need and you don’t want the restrictions of enclosed bodywork, then a Citroën Ready to Run Dropside conversion is the right choice for you and your business. Popular with a variety of different professions including outdoor trades, such as light construction and landscaping, a dropside converted vehicle has many benefits on offer.
New Citroën Luton Citroën Ready to Run Luton offers a high volume capacity, fully enclosed body work and comes with useful additional storage space, simply by using the space above the cab to extend the front of the body. The Luton part of the body offers a storage space for small, light items, such as load securing straps.
New Citroën Curtainside If your business would benefit from covered bodywork, including protection from the weather and a high-volume load space, but you need more loading flexibility than a solid-sided bodywork conversion can offer, then a Citroën Relay Ready to Run Curtainside conversion could be the answer. Citroën’s Ready to Run Curtainside’s big advantage is that not only can it be loaded through the full-height, wide opening, rear doors, but also through the heavy-duty PVC curtains that make up the body sides. These can be positioned so that the body can be loaded, by forklift, from either side at both the front and back of the load area.
New Citroën Low Floor Luton The Citroën Relay is renowned for its front-wheel-drive design, bringing several advantages. One of these is that it offers a lower load floor height than rear-wheel-drive vans, making it easier to load and unload. Having a lower floor results in an increase in load space, which rises to 22m³ in the Ready to Run Low-Floor Luton. No other model in the Ready to Run range offers more space
New Citroën Box Vans A Citroën Relay Ready to Run Box converted vehicle is the perfect companion for when you need more load space whilst keeping the vehicle weight under the light CV gross weight threshold. Citroën Box conversions offer enclosed van bodywork and a rectangular load floor with no wheel arches to narrow the width. It makes the Ready to Run Box conversions well suited to bulky but comparatively lightweight loads and palletised freights loaded by forklift.