Sportif Citroen is a great deal more than a place to choose and care for your vehicle. We also provide Citroën Financial Services for unmatched peace of mind. With tailored finance, protection and motor insurance we can make the path to your perfect Citroën smooth and hassle-free. Every aspect is shaped to fit your personal circumstances. For absolute reassurance, we can offer the cover of products such as Shortfall Insurance. It makes sense and feels good to have everything important under one roof.

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Elect 3 is a really flexible way to finance your vehicle. You pay a deposit between 10% and 40% of the vehicle price and then fixed monthly payments over a chosen term of 25, 31 or 37 months. You don’t have the worry of depreciation, because we guarantee its resale price as part of the agreement.

At the end of your agreement you can select one of three options – whichever suits your circumstances best. Simply make a final payment and own your car outright, return the car to Citroën Financial Services or part exchange your vehicle for a new Citroën, using any equity as the deposit for a new Elect 3 package. Elect 3 is ideal if you like the idea of manageable fixed monthly payments and you’d like to keep your options open at the end of the agreement term.
Here’s a solution if you would like the quality, convenience and enjoyment of a new car, minus the potential stress of full ownership. Elect 4 is a Personal Lease scheme, which means that you rent your chosen Citroën for a fixed period and then return it to Sportif Citroen where you can exchange it for a new one – perfect if you fancy a new car every four years but you’re less keen on worrying about depreciation or vehicle disposal.

To make the agreement even more stress-free, you could consider some of the reassuring optional protection cover offered by Citroën Financial Services, such as Shortfall Insurance and perfectly tailored Motor Insurance.
The Citroën Financial Services Purchase Plan is ideal if you would like to own your vehicle and would also prefer a flexible plan that comfortably fits your budget. All you have to do is decide on the size of deposit you would like to put in, between 10% - 50% of the vehicle price, agree on a term between 12 and 48 months and let Sportif Citroen calculate your fixed monthly payment.

All that’s left to do is drive away in a brand new Citroën and once the final payment is made, the car is yours. It’s straightforward and transparent. (9.9% representative)

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