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Citroën ë-Dispatch

Welcome to the Citroën ë-Dispatch, a 100% electric work companion with an electric benchmark range of up to 205 miles. With the ability to charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes, the ë-Dispatch is always ready and waiting for its next adventure.

    ë-Dispatch 50 kWh • 143 miles on WLTP cycle
    • Available on XS and M versions
    • WLTP certification completed with a payload of around 50%
    ë-Dispatch 75 kWh • 205 miles on WLTP cycle
    • Available on M and XL versions
    • WLTP certification completed with a payload of around 50%
    Electric Capabilities The ë-Dispatch is ideal for any business looking for an eco-friendly van that’s cost-effective to run and kinder on the environment.
      Best In Class Range The ë-Dispatch comes with two battery sizes. The 50kWh battery offers up to 143 miles of electric power while the 75kWh battery offers 205 miles.
      Efficient Driving Getting around is reliable thanks to the electric motor which offers 100kW (136hp) and torque of 260Nm.
      Hassle-Free Charging Numerous charging options are available depending on lifestyle and working commitments. 100kW public charging reaches 80% in just 30 minutes for a 50kWh battery.
      Versatile Design The ë-Dispatch offers a flexible, versatile design that makes getting around a breeze. From long journeys to multiple urban deliveries, the ë-Dispatch has you covered.
        Loading Capabilities This is a van with a load volume from 4.6 to 6.6m3 depending on your needs. There’s a payload of up to 1,226kg and up to 4m of usable length.
        Three Lengths The ë-Dispatch comes in three lengths including XS (4.60m), which is a compact and practical city van, as well as M (4.95m) and XL (5.30m).
        Limited Height With a limited height of 1.90m on all XS and M versions, the ë-Dispatch can enter far more car parks than other van types.
        Impressive Technology Modern and fully equipped, the ë-Dispatch comes with an impressive technology suite designed to keep you safe and well connected.
          Infotainment The striking seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system also comes with Real-Time Traffic by TomTom services to make getting around hassle-free.
          Smartphone Compatibility Smartphone compatibility comes in the form of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Access contacts, playlists, text messages and a range of apps on the go.
          Driving Assistance Technology Technology designed to make road travel safer includes Speed Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Monitoring, Driver Attention Alert and an Active Safety Brake.