Electric Citroen Vehicle
Electric explained Making the switch to electric or hybrid power is arguably one of the biggest changes you’ll experience in your motoring life. At Sportif Citroën, we’re dedicated to helping make the switch as seamless and hassle-free as possible, with our range of models providing something to suit everyone. Learn more today.

The Benefits of Buying Electric

Changing from traditional petrol or diesel power to electric and hybrid vehicles is a change that needs to be made by all motorists in the coming years, with the need to reduce CO2 emissions meaning that combustion engine models are gradually being phased out. This change brings about plenty of other benefits, however, with the opportunity to reduce running costs, enjoy road tax exemption, and experience fewer mechanical issues than ever before. There’s even government grants available to help incentivise the move to electric motoring.

Key Benefits Include

  • More economical performance
  • A reduction in harmful CO2 emissions
  • Fewer mechanical issues
  • Government grants to support purchasing

Types of Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Explained

There are currently a number of options available to motorists, each with different technology incorporated.

Electric All-electric models are powered entirely by a lithium-ion battery that gets its charge from suitable outlets either at home or in public. These offer impressive range and emit no CO2 whatsoever, making them the cleanest option by far.
Mild-hybrid Mild-hybrid vehicles offer traditional combustion engine performance complemented by the addition of a self-charging battery motor. More often than not, they utilise regenerative braking to top up the charge and provide greater economy.
Plug-in hybrid As the name suggests, plug-in hybrid models need to be charged via a suitable outlet either at home or via a public charging point. Such vehicles carry a greater charge than mild-hybrid models and are thus able to perform in all-electric mode for longer.

Electric Vehicle FAQs

Learn more via our frequently asked questions or by contacting Sportif Citroën today

What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle?


A plug-in hybrid is a vehicle that features both a traditional engine and a battery powered motor. This battery requires plugging in to a suitable outlet in order to charge.

Where can I charge my electric car?


The UK currently has more than 35,000 charging points with more being added all the time. Plus, you can charge at home via a suitable solution.

How much does it cost to run an electric car?


The cost of running an electric charge is in the region of 3/4p per mile - a significant reduction in comparison to petrol or diesel power.

What is regenerative braking?


Regenerative braking is a technology that converts energy normally lost through braking into an electrical charge for the vehicle’s battery.

Are electric cars safe?


Yes, particularly since they carry no flammable liquids or produce harmful emissions.

How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?


It’s estimated that a hybrid or electric battery can achieve 100,000 miles before it needs replacing, with many even covering up to 150,000 miles.

What are alternative fuels?


In terms of the automotive industry, alternative fuel is another name for electric power.

Do hybrid cars cost more to maintain?


No. In fact, the cost of servicing is comparable to that of a petrol or diesel model.

Can I charge my electric car at home?


​Yes. A selection of charging solutions - such as dedicated cables or wall boxes - are available and can be advised on at the time of purchase.

What is the best hybrid car?


The best hybrid car is one that offers the greatest range and the lowest CO2 emissions. Beyond that, choosing the best option is down to personal preference and your specific needs.

What is the best used hybrid car to buy?


The best used hybrid is one that represents great value for money and continues to perform as best it can for the longest time. Other considerations should be how much use you require and your budget.

How do I charge my hybrid car?


If your hybrid car requires plug-in charging, you can install a suitable solution at home or visit one of the many public charging stations throughout the UK.

How does a hybrid car save energy?


Hybrid cars save energy by utilising the latest technology, such as regenerative braking. This helps the vehicle recover energy normally lost when braking and converts into a charge for the battery.

What is an electric car?


An electric car is one that is powered solely by a battery motor and which emits zero CO2 emissions.

How do I drive a hybrid car efficiently?


Many hybrid models offer tips on how to drive efficiently or even include an economical driving mode that adjusts the characteristics to preserve the battery charge.

How does an electric car work?


An electric car works by using an electrical charge to power the vehicle. This motor provides instant torque and has no moving components that can go wrong, meaning it provides smoother, cleaner, more efficient motoring.

Are electric cars worth it?


Absolutely. Over the course of ownership, you will find that the running costs make purchasing an all-electric model far greater value for money than its petrol/diesel counterparts.

Are electric vehicles cheaper to run than petrol?


Yes. In fact, running an electric vehicle costs as little as 3/4p per mile.

Are electric cars better for the environment?


With no harmful CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere, electric vehicles are substantially better for the environment.

What electric cars are available?


Here at Sportif Citroën, we’re delighted to currently provide both the Citroën E-C4 and Espacetourer models for all-electric motoring.

Should I buy an electric car?


If you’re ready to make the change to cleaner, more cost effective motoring, absolutely.

Are all electric cars automatic?


With electric vehicles not requiring a gearbox or transmission, driving is similar to operating an automatic vehicle.

How far can an electric car go?


This depends on the model you’re driving, the conditions around you, and your driving style. In the Citroën E-C4, for example, you can achieve a maximum range of 217 miles.

How many miles can an electric car go?


This varies according to the model and driving style, and can be advised at the time of purchase.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?


Depending on how and where you’re charging, the total charge time will vary. Overnight at home will take longer than via a high-powered public charging point, for example.

Should I charge my electric car every night?


It’s advisable to simply charge your vehicle as an when required.

Do electric cars lose charge when parked?


No, unless the engine is left running or functions left operational.

Are electric cars really the future?


Electric cars are not so much the future as the present, with more and more manufacturers introducing electric vehicles regularly.

How much is a Citroën electric car?


This depends on the specific model in question. The team as Sportif Citroën will be able to provide details on the latest prices and promotions we have available.

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