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Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Cold With These Winter Car Care Tips!

As Autumn’s ends, this could only mean one thing. Winter’s right around the corner. And while the cold weather and snow might bring plenty of fun, it’s certainly not easy on your car by any stretch. So, with that in mind, here are a few winter car care tips to get your vehicle ready for the coldest of seasons.

Watch Your Wiper Blades

Winter’s a rough time for your wiper blades. After all, your wipers scrape snow and frozen dew off your windshield in the mornings. Plus, that cold weather really starts to take a toll on the rubber parts of your blades. Thus, it’s extremely common for your wiper blades to rip, crack, and tear. In fact, it’s one of the 10 most common repairs at the Citroën service centre in Aylesbury.

When you see this damage, it’s time to get a replacement. After all, visibility is key to safety while driving.

Winter Car Care Tips

Make Sure Your Tyres are Winter Ready

Pretty much every part of the UK agrees that roads get unpleasant during the winter. After all, you’ve got frozen rain that leads to icy streets. And let’s not forget about the snow. During this time, it goes without saying that you’ll need a nice set of tyres that can grip to the road. All-season tyres are ideal for optimising traction. But really, if you see any balding or wearing, get your tyres replaced before the winter weather makes the roads not so fun to drive on.

Check Your Lights

The sun sets early and rises late in the winter. Plus, don’t forget that snow and rain are common when the sun normally would be out. You’re not going to have as much natural lighting during your commutes. Thus, you’ll want to ensure that your lights are fresh and running so that you can see the road at all times.

Make Sure Your Battery’s Full

This one is HUGE when it comes to winter. After all, the cold weather takes a heavy toll on your battery. But when you think about it, you’ve got your heater, wipers, lights, and so much more running more often than normal. So dead batteries are a common symptom of winter for your car. Therefore, make sure to get your low battery replaced before the cold weather comes full throttle.

Don’t Forget to Check the Underside of Your Car

Before the snow starts falling, be sure to check the underside of your car for any damages that incurred in the past year. Sure, this might not rank at the top of your winter car maintenance checklist. But you’d be surprised to see how many loose plates and cracked panels occur over time. If you spot any damage, be sure to get it fixed and repaired.

Get Your Winter Car Care at Sportif Citroën Aylesbury

Are you wondering where to get your winter car maintenance taken care of? Well, not to worry, as the Citroën service centre in Aylesbury can handle all your servicing needs with ease. So, stop on by and get your vehicle ready for upcoming cold weather!



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