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What is My Citroën Mobile Application?

What is My Citroën Mobile Application

There are few things more important in 2018 than staying connected to friends, family, and work. Dozens, if not hundreds, of daily tasks, can be accomplished from almost anywhere as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection. Thankfully, the experts at Citroën now allow you to monitor and accomplish many tasks in your new Citroën from Sportif Citroën. The My Citroën App connects a customer’s internet account with their vehicle to make life and maintaining their Citroën easier. The sales and service experts at Sportif Citroën thought it would be extremely helpful to highlight all the amazing tasks you can accomplish when you combine your iPhone or Android device with the new and improved My Citroën Mobile Application. Let's take a closer look at this high-tech innovation from Citroën.

Services Within Easy Reach

When you download the My Citroën Mobile Application, it instantly opens a world of possibilities for any driver. The helpful services that are within easy reach to you include:

  • Tune-up reminders: Follow a personalized maintenance plan, with details of specific maintenance needed and due-date reminders, all automatically recalculated based on driving habits
  • Fuel-consumption monitoring: Find and categorize trips and average fuel consumption if vehicle is connected
  • Driver assistance: Easily find a parked vehicle with the “Find my car” geolocation feature
  • Maintenance tips: Contact Citroën Assistance in a single click and reach after-sales service with ease
  • Trip tracking: Access all Citroën driver-assistance content
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Getting to Sportif Citroën or the Nearest Outlet

    Perhaps one of the most helpful aspects of the My Citroën Mobile Application is its ability to find sales outlets. You can register up to 10 Citroën vehicles on a single application and it also gives you access to a host of other benefits such as

  • Quickly geolocate the nearest Citroën sales outlet or garage
  • View Citroën Advisor ratings and comments
  • Find detailed information on a garage (contact details, hours, service available, etc.)
  • Obtain maintenance quotes and make an appointment using the online calendar
  • Receive special offers and keep up with all the latest Citroën news
  • Getting the My Citroën Mobile Application is simple, all you have to do is visit the Google Play store or the Apple Store and download it free.

    How Sportif Citroën and the My Citroën Mobile Application Work Together

    Once you've integrated the My Citroën Application into your driving experience you'll be able to team up with Sportif Citroën to maintaining your new or pre-owned Citroën. When you make an appointment with our service centre through the app, our team of certified mechanics will get you in and out and back on the road quickly. To learn more about our service centre you can call 01296 340585, we're here six-days week, including Saturday 08:00-13:00. While your visiting our modern showroom at Park Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 1DN, make sure to check out our entire selection of pre-owned and new Citroën vehicles.

    What is My Citroën Mobile Application


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