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Discover the new Citroën Berlingo light commercial vehicle

Citroën Berlingo

Learn all about the new Citroën Berlingo, a light commercial vehicle available through Sportif Citroën Aylesbury. If the Berlingo name sounds familiar, that’s because this vehicle has been dutifully serving organizations since 1996. It has a solid reputation for reliability and capability. Now, learn about the many new features that make it that much better.

Modern Updates

Instead of starting over to make an effective light commercial van, the Citroën Berlingo adds modern touches to the classic design. You still benefit from the integrated load area, ideal ground clearance, protection components, and more.

You might notice the body styling has shifted to a more updated look. In addition, the windscreen is set more forward, while the front end is shorter and wider. Even the front overhang is shorter, thanks to the usage of a new EMP2 platform. The result is greater protection than ever before.

The body has a flowing, dramatic styling all the way to the rear. As one of the most important features on the van, you’ll find that the Citroën Berlingo rear area not only looks great, but also functions quite well.

In addition, the interior has received a thorough work-over. It’s been designed to accommodate a wide range of uses, so you’ll find it works well for your profession, whatever that may be. A simple layout for the dashboard means locating information or controls in the moment doesn’t require concern, reducing the chances of a dangerous situation.

Ideal for Work

Instead of the “Inspired by Pro” brand signature just being a saying, the Citroën Berlingo really puts it into practice. You’ll find that daily tasks are easier to accommodate with this van, making it an indispensable asset for your activities.

Accessing items in the rear of the Citroën Berlingo is convenient and easy. The rear doors open 180 degrees, folding out of the way completely. In addition, you benefit from sliding doors on both sides of the van, providing two more points of access as well as a way for passengers to get in and out. Storage spaces abound throughout the cabin. Citroën boosted the payload rating to 1,000kg, so you can bring along whatever is necessary.

The Citroën Berlingo is available in two distinct versions. Worker and Driver feature different specifications, such as ground clearance, standard equipment, and engine protection. Using this approach, Citroën can cover your needs with greater precision.

You also get to choose between two sizes, M and XL, so getting the ideal solution for your needs is easier. M measures 4.40m long, while the XL is 4.75m long.

Thanks to the Extenso Cab, it’s possible to fit three people in row one, instead of only two. That kind of versatility makes a big impact on functionality. If you opt for the Crew Van, as many as five people can sit on rows one and two.

Contemporary Equipment

The family will enjoy day trips and long drives with the Citroën Berlingo. Not only can this van work hard, it contains modern features everyone expects. Handling and comfort are both boosted, thanks to a clever suspension configuration.

Other included items are a colour head-up display, adaptive cruise control with stop function, automatic electronic parking brake, a surround rear vision system, overload indicator, active safety brake, navigation, and wireless smartphone charging.

Learn even more about how the new Citroën Berlingo will benefit you by contacting Sportif Citroën Aylesbury today.

Citroën Berlingo



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