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5 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Spring

With the weather warming up, now is the time to prepare your car for spring. Too often, people think their car only needs extra preparation for the harshness of winter and summer. The truth is a little car care for spring helps with recovering from the freezing cold and preparing for the boiling heat. The Sportif Citroën service plans certainly can help with your efforts, and provide peace of mind.

Examine the Tyres

As the temperature outside warms up, your tyre pressure changes. That means you need to get out the gauge and check each tyre, then replace any lost pressure. Improper inflation can lead to uneven or accelerated tread wear, meaning you must buy new tyres sooner. Check the owner’s manual for the correct air pressure, since it’s specified by the vehicle manufacturer and not the information printed on the tyre.

While you’re at it, examine the tyres for signs of damage, including sections of the tread missing, cracks, cuts, or punctures. If you see the wear bars, which run in the opposite direction as the tread, it’s time to buy new tyres.

Consider the Battery

Cold weather is especially hard on batteries, which are responsible for starting the car each time. If you notice the engine hesitates to start when you turn the key, and your battery is at least four years old, it might be time to buy a new one. Our service department can test it to be sure it’s functioning at its best.

Also, clean any corrosion that’s gathered on the battery terminals, since those can hurt performance.

Check the Coolant

With warmer temperatures, you need to ensure the engine is staying adequately cool. Now is the ideal time to check the coolant temperature in your car, after the engine hasn’t been running for a while. Opening the cap with a hot engine is extremely dangerous. If the coolant is low at all, refill it to the marked line.

Inspect the Brakes

Without brakes, you can’t stop your car, and that’s never a good thing. Before you head out on a long trip, you should ensure the brakes on your vehicle can handle it. Start by checking the brake fluid reservoir to see if it’s within the specified range. If not, refill it.

Keep the windows down and the music off while driving. Listen closely as you apply the brakes, since strange noises can indicate a problem, like the need for new pads. We can help replace any worn parts.

Clean It

During the winter your car gets incredibly dirty. All kinds of dirt and debris gather on the outside and inside, when you don’t want to spend time cleaning it. Give your vehicle a thorough washing and wax the paint. Vacuum and wipe down the interior, too. Not only does it make your car look better, it also protects against damage from the sun and other elements.

Come to Sportif Citroën for professional help with servicing or repairing your vehicle.


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