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5 cool facts about Citroen C-Zero hatchback

C-Zero Hatchback

Sometimes when we hear people talking about environmentally friendly cars it's easy to switch off because we think they're not suitable for our needs. Of course, if your day is usually spent driving to and from a destination 200 miles away, an electric car like the Citroen C-Zero probably isn’t for you. But if the rest of us thought about our real-life driving habits in a little more detail and a little more honestly, an electric model might make a lot more sense than we think. So, to give everyone something to think about, here are five cool facts about the Citroen C-Zero all-electric hatchback car to be going on with.

1. Fully electric motoring

The C-Zero is an all-electric vehicle, or an EV, which means there's no internal combustion engine onboard as there is in a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Not only does that mean this is an environmentally friendly way to get around, it also means this is a car that's very cheap to run. The C-Zero is driven by an electric motor that generating 49 kW that's powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.5 kWh. As well as costing very little to recharge, compared to filling a tank with petrol or diesel, it also means you are putting no harmful emissions at all into the air while you're driving around.

2. Simple to drive

Forget all that fiddly stuff about gears and clutch pedals when you’re driving a C-Zero as this is about as simple as driving currently gets. There's a brake and an accelerator pedal and that's about it; it really is about as easy to drive as a dodgem car at the fairground.

3. Silent driving

As well as being easy to drive the Citroen is also incredibly quiet to drive too. In fact, when you start the car there's no noise whatsoever, so Citroen has made the ignition beep when you turn the key so you know it has actually started. When you’re on the go the only noise you're likely to hear is a little road noise from the tyres and the sound of the wind, as well as the muffled sounds of what everyone else are doing outside who are not yet driving EVs.

4. Informed and in control

The range on a single charge of the battery in the C-Zero is around 93 miles and the top speed is 80 mph. That makes this the perfect compact, zippy little vehicle for nipping around the town or the city. But there's no need to be unduly worried about the amount of life left in the battery because the car keeps you informed of exactly how you stand at any given time. The instrument panel tells you exactly how much battery life you have left and how far that is likely to take you before you need to recharge, which allows you to plan in advance so you never have to run out of charge.

5. Flexible charging

Unlike petrol and diesel cars where you need to go to a fuel station to fill up, there are three ways the Citroen C-Zero can be recharged. The obvious way if from a dedicated EV charging point, where in just 30 minutes you can recharge to 80 percent capacity in as little as 30 minutes. However, you also have the flexibility of being able to plug into any domestic socket and recharge just the way you would with your mobile phone. And finally, every time you decelerate when driving, the motor acts as a generator, converting the C-Zero's kinetic energy into electric energy for your battery.

To find out more about the sensational Citroen C-Zero and to try one out for yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Sportif Citroen today.


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