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2018 Citroën C-Zero Reviews

2017 Citroën C-Zero Reviews

Efficiency plays a huge factor when you’re buying a car, but it’s not the only thing you want. You also demand a car that serves your purposes, whether it’s the commuting range you need, the conveniences you want, or the boot space you require. Citroën has all your bases covered with the 2017 Citroën C-Zero. It’s an electric city car that checks all the boxes on your list. And best of all, this 100% electric car doesn’t use a drop of petrol. It’s available today at your local Citroën dealer in Buckinghamshire, Sportif Citroën.

An Innovative Design

The 2017 Citroën C-Zero is more than meets the eye. At first glance, the ultra-modern shape gives the impression of a subcompact four-door hatch, which it is. It’s manufactured using lightweight materials that improve its rigidity and safety. Its dynamic front appearance includes high-mounted headlights and a short bonnet as cargo space is the only thing found underneath!

But its design, while intentionally compact, is spacious. The electric car battery is stored under the floor, making plenty of room for cargo in the front and back. In fact, the boot has 166 litres of cargo-carrying capacity, besting many other subcompact hatchbacks in the segment.

An Interior of Comfort and Convenience

Even in a car of its size, there’s comfortable seating inside for four adults. Tall windows aid in amazing visibility from every angle for the driver, which also adds to the airy feel inside. Seating is comfortable with advanced styling and attractive fabric options. The 2017 Citroën C-Zero is silent inside aside from the slight whisper of the electric motor while in motion.

Conveniences abound in the Citroën C-Zero. This electric city car has electric windows with one-touch operation in the front and rear, automatic air conditioning, and an efficient multi-function on-board trip computer. Its audio system is quite capable as well, including DAB digital radio, CD, and Bluetooth handsfree connectivity.

The Intention of an Electric Car

Since it’s an electric car first and foremost, the 2017 Citroën C-Zero is meant to be ultra-efficient. One of the first indicators of that is its CO2 emissions rating: zero. Powered by high energy density lithium-ion cells, the C-Zero is strictly an electric car. Its all-electric powertrain puts out 49kW of power and 196 Nm of torque. When you press the accelerator pedal, an immediate response is felt.

On a full charge, the 2017 Citron C-Zero can travel around 93 miles, which is more than enough for virtually any city driver. And if you occasionally head out to the highway, the C-Zero can reach up to 80 miles an hour. Recharge your Citroën C-Zero from the comfort of home, and help replenish the charge through advanced regenerative braking capabilities while you’re on the go. Or, visit a dedicated charging station to add 80% charge in just 30 minutes.

Discover the excitement, efficiency, and innovation of an electric city car in the 2017 Citroën C-Zero. With fantastic range, modern styling, and the conveniences you need, you’ll be satisfied with your new Citroën C-Zero. Find it today at your local Citroën dealer in Buckinhamshire, Sportif Citroën.

2017 Citroën C-Zero Reviews


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