Meet The Team


NMC Sportif Ltd was formed in 1999 and is currently run by managing director Simon Miskin.

The Company recently won 2019 Franchised Dealership of the Year in the Auto Industry Excellence Awards.

We have always prided ourselves in giving our Customers the best possible experience from first contact, through Vehicle Purchase, to continuing Annual Maintenance. Our success is shown in the increasing number of repeat customers that we have on our books, many of whom we are proud to call our friends.

Aylesbury Directors


Managing Director

Feeling 21, but technically 39 and half (but who’s counting), I have spent 22 years in the motor industry. Having worked with 2 separate companies and 3 brands in that time, Citroen, Lexus and Suzuki, I have learnt all aspects including Sales, Service and Parts. I am currently running 2 Citroen franchises to a high standard and my objectives in live are to treat everyone fairly and not prejudge. At home I enjoy living in the Cotswolds with my wife of 18 years, Rachel, and our 3 gorgeous children. My main interests include sport, preferring to play golf, football and tennis. In my youth I played football for a team, who in 1989 we're undefeated (my claim to fame), and having still got the skills, recently won a crossbar‬ ‪challenge at a reunion with my old team mates… bringing me nicely on to my other pastime of socialising with friends.

Aylesbury Management


Citroen Group Sales Manager

At 47 years old, and 29 years in the motor trade under my belt, I am proud to have been with Sportif for the last 8 years of my career. Even though I have to keep the whip cracking, I encourage and enjoy a little banter at work, as it is always good to keep moral high in the showroom. As a keen footballer, I play goalkeeper for a local team, and have the ‘safest hands’ on the pitch (but don’t quote me on that… my team mates may not always agree, we have been known to lose a game or three!). I also enjoy DIY, socialising with friends and of course, most importantly, spending time with my wife and 3 children.


Service Manager

Having been with Sportif for over 5 years, I am now thriving in my role as Service Manager. Being considerably younger than Phil, I keep him on his toes, and enjoy meeting people and managing daily operations. I'm always welcoming and friendly by nature unless someone steals my bacon sandwich!. With previous experience for Citroen, Fiat, Ford and Honda, and as a mechanic with Chrysler-Jeep and MG-Rover, I am continually building on my knowledge, a wise head on young shoulders. At home I enjoy spending time with my family and my hobbies include football and cricket.


Assistant Service Manager

Currently exceeding 60 years young, I keep the service department in check as their assistant manager at Aylesbury (as the local DIY chain weren’t recruiting at the time of my application… just kidding). My previous experience as a mechanic is now taking me on to forty years in the trade, and I enjoy putting my wealth of knowledge to the test each day, always keen to help a customer in need. My hobbies are golf, golf, a little more golf, the odd drink and well let’s not forget more golf! As you can tell, I’m a bit of a golf fanatic.

Aylesbury Executives


Sales Executive & Motability Specialist

Citroen Sales Executive & DS ChampionHaving been involved in the motor trade since leaving school, and now just topping the half century mark, I have enjoyed a long career with cars, and have especially liked being part of the Sportif family for the past 22 years. At home I enjoy time with my family and my hobbies include ten bin bowling and I love a good trip to the cinema to keep up with the latest releases.

Chris Marshall

Sales Executive​

Jason Church

Mark Sackett



Business Centre Manager

AKA Becci Business, I’m 38 years old, though only look 25 and act like 10. I work alongside Lucy Leasing and she is like my best friend ever. I joined Sportif Business centre in September 2013 when it was (how shall I put this) not at its peak… but now Lucy & I are whipping everyone in the league and we are famous in Aylesbury, be especially known as the ‘pink flashing beacon’ lol.


Business Centre Manager & Motability Specialist

AKA Lucy Leasing, I have now been at Sportif Citroen for a year and a half and it is the bestest job I have ever had in my life. I work alongside Becci Business who is like my best friend ever. We have both come from premium brand manufactures and have been in the motor industry for a combined 35 years (so Becci is loads older than me hehehe, as I’m still a spring chicken at 24). We have won lots of awards and are now famous in the local area with radio appearances (apparently we have the face for it we’ve been told????)