Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Cold

Winter Car Care Tips!

What should be included in your full car service? What components does regular service cover? These are great questions that every driver needs to know the answers to early on. Don’t get caught off guard by something you didn’t expect when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. We are here to give you some insight on how to think about your car services and where you get your services performed.

Most drivers are familiar with the terms “routine maintenance” and “car services”. Not everyone truly understands what that means and what is included in these services. The answer should always be, whatever needs to be done. “Full” car service simply means that the entire vehicle was inspected, and any issues were resolved or brought to the driver’s attention. You may also get regular maintenance done at the same time, which means that you receive fresh oil, fluid top offs, tire inspection, and anything else that is part of your scheduled maintenance at your given mileage. Here are some of the most common services performed.

Common Car Services

• Brakes- Brakes need their pads replaced once they have worn down. Your brakes should be inspected during a full car service, so that you know an estimate of how many miles are left before you need to change them.

• Tires- Your tires should be properly inflated, inspected for proper tread depth, rotated if needed, and balanced during full service maintenance. Any further services like an alignment may require a shop that specializes in tires and suspension.

• Oil- An oil change is one of the most basic parts of a vehicle service. Assuming an oil change has not been done within the last couple of weeks, all full service maintenance should include an oil and filter change.

• Fluids- All fluids should be checked and topped off. These include the transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and wiper fluid.

• Battery and electrical- The battery should be visually inspected at the least to ensure that corrosion and build up is not encompassing the battery terminals.

• Drive belts- Drive belts should be visually inspected for signs of cracking, fraying, and other signs of failure.

• Electrical- Any turn signal, headlight, or other exterior bulb that is out should be replaced or diagnosed so a repair can be made.

Common Car Services

No matter what you drive, full service maintenance should always mean that you’re ready to hit the road once you leave. This includes your car’s fluids, tires, belts, brakes, electrical components, and anything else that is needed. The technicians you hire to perform your services should be qualified, give you a full description of the work done, a list of the inspections performed, and be able to quote you a price before the services are done. If you are looking for good car service deals, consider a Citroen service plan. Citroen service centre in Aylesbury is your local source for professional car maintenance and services.

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