2017 Suzuki Vitara SUV Review

2017 Suzuki Vitara SUV

You'd have to have been living alone in a cave for the last fifteen years to not know how popular SUVs and crossovers are these days. But those who don’t own or drive them already often think of the big, expensive luxury and prestige models whenever they hear the term SUV mentioned. However, SUVs are not just for the well-heeled these days, and manufacturers are doing more and more all the time to offer affordable models that are desirable to those with smaller budgets. To be fair, some affordable SUVs have been anything but desirable, but that's not the case with the 2017 Suzuki Vitara.


The Suzuki Vitara has been around since way before SUVs became as popular as they are today, but the original models dating back as far as 1988 were smaller and a lot more rough and ready than what we see today. There are some nods made by the current Vitara in the direction of its predecessors' styling, such as the shape of the headlights and the rising feature lines on its flanks. The clamshell bonnet and front wing vents are further homages to the Vitara of days gone by too. But the latest model is decidedly more sophisticated and premium in appearance, and without any badging or logos it would definitely give the impression of being something altogether more costly than it is.

Engines and performance

There are two engines to choose from in the Suzuki Vitara, which are a 1.6-liter petrol and a 1.6-litre diesel. Both engines produce the same 120 horsepower, but the diesel inevitably puts a lot more torque at your disposal with 236 lb.-ft., compared to the petrol with just 115 lb.-ft. Those numbers might not sound particularly big, but neither is the Vitara itself so the engines are not being asked to haul around onerous amounts of weight. The extra torque of the diesel is useful for overtaking on motorways, but in the current climate it's worth saying the petrol shouldn’t be ignored as it's actually pretty good. In fact, unless you're one of the few drivers who really do the kind of mileage that makes diesel virtually a necessity it might be an idea to really give the petrol a chance.

Comfort and ride

Those hideous speed bumps and potholes that are part and parcel of driving on British roads will send a dull thud through the Vitara's cabin, but that's not surprising as that can be said of all but the most expensive luxury marques. However, the ride is never unsettled or uncomfortable and there's not too much lean in bends and corners as a result of the Suzuki being taller than a similar-size hatch or saloon. Whether you drive on a motorway, on country roads or around the city, you won’t feel tired or uncomfortable on long journeys, or even those more frequent short journeys that just take a long time due to the inevitable traffic congestion.


The 2017 Suzuki Vitara comes in three different variants, which are the entry level SZ4, the mid-range SZ-T and the range-topping SZ5. Prices start at just £14,999 for the SZ4, while an SZ5 costs from £19,499, but adding all-wheel drive does mean paying a decent amount more for all that extra capability. The Vitara drives really well, it's big on safety, it looks pretty good and buying and running one won’t break the bank. So, if you’re looking for a good-looking crossover SUV that offers great value for money, check one out today at Sportif Suzuki.